Here are some of my favorite shops, retailers,

and resources available for your needs.   

Some have a wide variety of yarns, weaving looms,

tools and equipment. 

Some are specialty suppliers and local.


is a great tool to hit the market. The primary purpose is to track your treadling, regardless of the number of shots in a unit. I use a lot of complex treadlings...upwards of 350 to complete a unit and several thousand shots to complete a woven piece. What if the phone rings or the dog needs to go out? Post-it notes work but TempoTreadle will track the shot that you're on no matter how many in the treadling unit, and it'll save it for weeks or months at a time in case you don't get back to it right away. A great feature is that it will give you an error message if you hit the wrong treadle - wouldn't you like to know now instead of 5 inches later? It has so many other uses though. I can transfer the unit to any one of my looms and still maintain my draft from the last loom to go back to the treadle count at any time.  Please check out for a video and additional information. This is the closest thing to being fully computerized that I've found and it's a great asset to error-free weaving. 

HANDWEAVING.NET           ~AMAZING!!!                         for the greatest selection of weaving drafts ever compiled in one place!

Bellatrista Luxury Yarns  

They are vendors at many of the spinners/weavers conferences in Washington, too. Their yarns are extraordinary - especially the MILK yarns. To die for, or in my case, to dye for. They also carry SOY, BANANA and TENCEL yarns. Very unusual and very select. You'll be in love at first touch.

Fidalgo Artisan Yarn Company, your source for quality knitting and weaving yarns in Anacortes, WA

Eugene Textile Center , supplier for all weaving tools and toys   

The Silk Weaving Studio and SanJo Silk Ltd. are located on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.  I'm working with them to develop weaving kits with their extraordinary silk and silk/linen yarns.  Refer to Handwoven Magazine on my Silk/Linen Yarn Lab June 2020                                                                                                              

I was asked to produce woven samples of both the MILK yarn (yes, made from milk protein) and linen yarns for Bellatrista Yarns some time ago and rather than payment, I asked for coned Milk yarn.  I still have several left and am willing to part with them for less than the market cost.  This is a luxury yarn in white and its takes dyes like crazy!

See my YARN LAB article in a 2016 issue of Handwoven Magazine with several woven samples.  

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