As in the past, profits from my workshops continue to go to animal causes,

who have a greater need.

 2022 Workshop and Program Schedule


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Motherlode Weavers Guild, CA


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Moon Spinners Guild, WA

April 1-10,   10am - 6pm

Rexville Grange Art Show

graphic art, ceramics, jewelry, photography and many more

 including my own hand-woven scarves, shawls, rugs, bags


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Qualicum Weavers Guild, BC


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Kelowna Weavers Guild, BC


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Diablo Weavers Guild, CA

Montana Association of Weavers 

Conference, Helena, MT 

June 2022

CRACKLE Weave 2 day workshop

Intro to Computer Drafting, 1/2 day,   Draft your Dream Team, 1/2 day

Painting for an Artisan Scarf, 1 day workshop

Face of Fiber in the Rockies

Invitational & Juried Exhibit/Sale

Estes Park, CO

June-July 2022


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Seattle Weavers Guild, WA


Weaving Loom Compendium Program

Etobicoke, Ontario

Association of NW Weavers Guilds 

Conference  Bend, Oregon

June 2023


1 day seminar

 The following individual programs can be offered for any sized audience using Zoom, Teams, or any virtual format.   I have always encouraged open discussion for my in-person guild programs and this format is no different, in fact even more accessible to watchers because I encourage open mics for easy discussion. 

Intro to the Marvelous World of Computerized Drafting

This program uses the two major drafting programs available for download onto your own system - Fiberworks and Tempoweave. Both programs offer essentially the same tools, just in a different format.  This is designed to be an INTRO to computerized drafting to dazzle the newbies and bring them onboard. Current users will pick up a few tricks, too.

Computerized Drafting for Current Users

This program will assist with current drafting users to help them over those ruts that we all experience and take them to the next level. This session can feature items such as colorizing, cutting and pasting, telescoping, networking, turning...  Because this is designed as a one-hour online program, specific subjects should be determined beforehand by members. This will help us to focus and accomplish your goals.

Draft your Dream Team

This mini offers an emphasis on one or two specific, but well known weaving drafts and how to bring them into something like magic using drafting tools. We expand, contract, change the size of threads, cut/paste, and colorized to dazzle.

Take Your  Turn

 As weavers who are constantly finding drafts online and in books, we may not know that this is just the beginning. You can take that draft and manipulate it into an efficient and cooperative weaving experience simply by TURNING it. Come along this short journey and discover why ‘turning’ is such a valuable tool and why you should use it or not.

Weaving Loom Compendium

This guild program offers a two-hour (or more) long discussion with examples of some of the best information available regarding your weaving equipment:  Looms in general, shafts, treadles, shuttles and tips/tricks to help you achieve a better handwoven product...and it'll make you feel more comfortable at your loom.  This past couple of years I've had the opportunity to write weavers' blogs on all of the above for Handwoven Magazine and have now compiled many of these tips into a focused program for guilds- and it's easy to do this program via zoom. 


Dye Techniques for Weavers 

Painting for an Artisan Scarf

If you're a weaver looking for a new technique to take you to that next level, consider starting your own line of painted fashion scarves using an extremely easy method to paint your warps.

Here are a couple of photos from just some of my workshops

I am now offering a one-day weavers' workshop in Computer Design and Drafting, using Fiber Works PCW. I can supply a demo download for participants or directions to download from the web ahead of time, so that participants can come fully prepared. Take weaving to the next level by designing your own work and be even more proud of your weaving results.                                      

WEAVING  LOOM COMPENDIUM:  Loom Maintenance, Repair and How to Make Your Loom Work  with You

I've been in the side-business of restoring old looms for years and have encountered nearly every make and model, and shared my tips in Handwoven magazine articles. It's a shame to see a good loom sit idle for want of a tune-up or a new part. This is a program designed for weavers' guilds and groups. I also consult and give guidance if you want to buy or sell equipment and I usually know most of the market resources. 

Double Weave

Double Weave is the easiest thing to learn, but it's probably better to take a workshop for your first go at it. One warp and we go thru nine different techniques to play with. Double layers, double cloth, windows, laces, little stuffed pillows within the cloth....

Crackle Weave - Mysteries and Magic. This class is comprised of fundamentals of the crackle structure, drafting using computer enhanced draw-downs (and a solid intro to computer drafting) , and hands on weaving using a multitude of treadling combinations. You'll learn something of twills, summer&winter, overshot and lace in the process. Plan on two 6- hour days for this workshop.

I always offer one-on-one tutorials and can

design a course just for your individual interests. 

My work has appeared in Handwoven publications

A Lush, Brushed Blanket. Jan 09

Maintaining Your Loom. Jan 11

Beautiful Bamboo. Handwoven: Nov 15

Warps to Dye For. Handwoven: Mar 16

Milk Fiber. Handwoven: Nov 17

Satin for the Kitchen - Bamboo Towels. Handwoven: Jan 17

Bubbles on your Loom. Handwoven: Jan 18

A lover of Looms. Handwoven: Sept 18

More than a Feeling: the Practical Guide to Floor Looms. Handwoven: Nov 18 

Reflections on our American Heritage: Delightful Weaving. Handwoven: Mar 19

Banana Fiber. Handwoven: Jan 20

Dancing with your Loom. Handwoven: Jan 20

Hand Woven, Yarn Lab: June 2020

Hand Woven, Sept/Oct 2020

Hand Woven, Nov/Dec 2020

Hand Woven, Nov/Dec 2021

Handwoven, Jan/Feb 2022

Little Looms, Jan/Feb 2022  and - numerous guest blogs

I've presented programs, workshops, seminars,

or judged for the following hosts

Washington and British Columbia

Fibers & Beyond Conferences, NWRSA Conference

Methow Valley S&W Guild, Peace Arch Weavers Guild

Vancouver Weavers Guild, Fiber Fusion Comferences

Skagit Valley S&W Guild, Peninsula Weavers Guild

Whatcom Weavers Guild, Whidbey Weavers Guild

Olympia Weavers Guild, Tacoma Weavers Guild

Seattle Weavers Guild, Qualicum Weavers Guild

MoonSpinners Weavers, Skagit Valley College

Evergreen State Fair

Oregon and California

Central Oregon S&W Guild, Motherload Weavers, Sonoma CA

Indiana Association of Weavers 


Northern Colorado Weavers Guild, The Estes Park Wool Market

Colorado State University, Poudre River Art Center

Global Village Museum, Spring Creek Gardens

Whole Foods Market, Steamboat Springs

Glenwood Springs, City of Fort Collins

Boulder County, Indigo Threads

Weld County  

Other Locations

Utah State University

Cowgirl Yarns, Laramie, WY 

My Affiliations

Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds

Membership Chair (as of June 2016)

Handweavers Guild of America

Whatcom Weavers Guild

Seattle Weavers Guild

Complex Weavers

Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners

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